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Reviewers’ Roundtable: Blogging Similarities

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Emily @ Read Your Bookcase

Are we all writing about the same stuff?   Book blogs all do reviews, memes, blog tours, cover reveals, blasts, giveaways, and discussions.... is there something wrong with everyone doing the same thing?

Oh my gosh, YES Michelle. I totally agree with this. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with everyone doing the same thing. However, I often really want to think of something new and cool that will make my blog stand out from all of the others.

I think everything new and cool has already been done, though. Whenever I put pressure on myself to do something else, I remind myself that this blog is mostly to keep track of what I thought about what I read and to motivate me to read my own books.

I think the blogger’s personality, web design and reading taste is what makes the blog unique. So when other bloggers start doing the same thing, it will come across differently. I do firmly believe, however, that the original bloggers should be asked permission to use the idea, or at least get credit for their idea.


  1. I never thought of it that way, but you are right, personality and blog design totally makes posts unique. I ALWAYS want to come up with cool ideas and I really suck at it!! At least we have this though right???


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