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Best Cover Option: Take Me There

Take Me There
Carolee Deen
Simon Pulse, 2010

I don’t think this is the best cover option. This title was so much more than a hot romance. Important - this scene never happens in the book, unless I missed something big. 

This was about a best friend, a murder, the death penalty and the drawbacks of living in a bad neighborhood. The romance was just a little bit at the beginning and a little bit at the end. The meat of the book was the social issues.

I’m assuming they chose this cover because they wanted to attract a certain audience. It worked; I loved the book. The cover just didn’t fit the mood.
I think if they would have picked a cover that fit the mood, they would have gotten an audience that didn’t like the book as much. It’s a theory, anyway. Because I don’t usually pick up books with covers like this: