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Best Cover Option: Tiger Eyes

Which cover fits the story the best for Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume?

This is pretty old school. It was probably perfect for it when it first came out, but now it looks dated.

This one doesn’t grab my attention at all.

I like how these two emphasize the eyes, but they still don’t quite work for me.

I think this one is my favorite, even though it’s a little too bright for the sad story.

I like this one a lot. However, it looks like it would appeal to older elementary students. The font, bright colors, and lizard make it seem very young.

This is the movie tie-in. It’s ok but we can’t really see her eyes very well.

What’s your favorite? Have you read the story or seen the movie?


  1. You missed the newest cover, just released by Simon and Schuster in April.

    1. Ooo, I like that cover a lot! It fits the story very well. Thanks for sharing.


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