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Reviewers’ Roundtable: Following


Read Your Bookcase

Following Blogs: How do you follow and and what makes you want to follow?

Honestly, I usually type in the web address to get to the site. I do use Bloglovin’ too.

I follow because I have a similar reading taste to the blogger and I want to see what they’re reading. A lot of times I’ll check out blogs for professional reasons - like if someone needs a book similar to one of their favorites. Overall, it’s a great way to find new books that I will like.

I find new blogs by googling at work, usually! If I find a site that looks good while I’m helping a customer, I remember it and check it out more at home. This is how I found some of my favorites. I think the other way was through Top Ten Tuesday at first. (Isn’t Top Ten Tuesday awesome???) I also did Waiting on Wednesday for a while, but everyone seemed to get all of the good books before me!

I never even cared about blogs until I found bookish ones. I am just not interested in other subjects, I guess! It’s all about the books!

What about you? What do you think?