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Werewolf Sings the Blues

Werewolf Sings the Blues
By Jennifer Harlow
Midnight Ink, 2014
Audience: Adults
Source: E-Galley

From Goodreads:
If Vivian's life had a soundtrack, every song would be the Blues Pushin' Thirty (Hard Life Takes Its Toll) Singer Going Nowhere Fast Mysterious Stalker Got a Hold on Me Bullets, Blood, and Fur Long Lost Werewolf Daddy Done Me Wrong Ain't No Pack War Gonna Keep Me Down Love on the Run (feat. Sexy Jason) Melting in His Icy Eyes She's No Good (Born Under a Bad Moon) Don't Let Her Song Be Cut Short Livin' La Vida Werewolf (Bonus Track)

Well, I really liked the last Harlow book. This one, not quite as much. I would have finished it if I would have had more time with the E-Galley, but alas, it expired. Now it is a DNF because it didn’t really grab me. It was a road trip with a werewolf. I wasn’t worried about the main character and I didn’t want to see her and the werewolf get together. They were step-siblings. So I have no drive to make an effort to find a copy of the book to see what happens. I know she’ll be fine and I don’t care if they get together or not. So here we are. It had a lot of action, so if you like that, try this one. I’ll definitely give the next Harlow book a chance. I bet I’ll like it!