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Hannah Jayne Guest Post

I’m thrilled to have Hannah Jayne write a guest post for Read Your Bookcase! I enjoyed her creepy book The Dare and recommend it to everyone who likes scary stories.

Here it is:

The Dare is my third young adult novel, but my twelfth book overall (that's nuts!). I always get asked what's different about writing for teens versus adults, what's more fun, what's more difficult. First of all, I love writing for everyone but I really love writing for teens. Adults are great, but teen readers are so much more complex and complicated than I think we give them credit for and their reactions to books are usually pure, unadulterated, and uncensored. Sometimes that's amazing--sometimes it's hard! I've gotten everything from, "this is the best book ever" to, "I was forced to read this and I hated every second it." That second one, by the way, finished up decently with the author telling me, "but overall, I guess it wasn't that bad." I consider "not that bad" as a huge score in my book.

I actually do find it more difficult to write YA oftentimes because teens are such voracious and sharp readers. They like layers and have eagle eyes for inconsistencies or lags in the text or dialog, where adults seem to be a little more easygoing. The kids want the meat; they want more than the who and the where--they want the why and it had better make sense! I do love that challenge--especially when I hear that I've done it well. 

As for what's more fun? That one I never have a good answer for because I only write what is fun to me. Okay, that sounds awful as the majority of my books center around murder and terror--that's seriously not what I do for fun. But I do enjoy scaring the pants off people and what better way to do that then with a creepy book on a dark summer's night...?!
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