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Top Ten Tuesday: Most Books By One Author that I Own

Top Ten Tuesday

Most Books by One Author

It’s a good thing I am a member of Library Thing - they figured all of this out for me!

1. Meg Cabot
I have almost every book by Meg Cabot! She’s my favorite.

2. Jane Austen
I collect different beautiful editions of her books.

3. Janet Evanovich
I bought these when they went to the bargain pile.

4. Charlaine Harris
Yay, Sookie Stackhouse!

5. Carolyn Keene
I will never get rid of my Nancy Drew books.

6. Ann M. Martin
Same goes for my BSC books!

7. JK Rowling
I may have bought the paperbacks - even though I have the hardcovers - because they were so pretty.

8. Rick Riordan
His writing is so entertaining!

9. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
I’ve started rereading the Alice books and they’re still just as awesome.

10. LM Montgomery
Anne is timeless!


  1. I love JK Rowling and Meg Cabot too! I was brought up reading both of their books and I still love them so much today, even at 19 years old! Your blog is lovely, I followed via bloglovin :)

    Here's My Top Ten Tuesday
    Chloe @ A Booky Place

  2. Love your list. Did you know Carolyn Keene isn't just one author? There were several Nancy Drew authors over the years and they all just used that name.

    1. I did know that. I was DEVASTATED when I found out. I felt like it was all a lie. Then I realized I was being dramatic :) and it made sense why some were so much better than others!

    2. I was the same way when I found out too! I had a class in college where the professor told me the truth.

  3. Great list! We've got several in common :) Reading another blogger's list I realized I left out Charlaine Harris. Not sure how I did that!

    1. You’ll remember her the next time this list comes up!

  4. Harry Potter for the win! I wish I knew where my Nancy Drew books were, that would be an awesome collection :)

    Our TTT
    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

  5. I love the books you have on here!! Nancy Drew is awesome... I need to find a whole set to buy one of these days. I also want to get those HP books with the new covers, even though I already have the originals. I just love those.


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