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How They Choked

How They Choked
Georgia Bragg
Walker Childrens, 2014
Source: Library
Audience: Teens, Older Children

From Goodreads:
Over the course of history, famous people made mistakes that were so monumental they could never escape them, no matter how brilliant their successes! Ferdinand Magellan is credited as the first man to sail around the world . . . but he only actually made it halfway. His terrible treatment of everyone he met cut his life journey short. Queen Isabella of Spain is remembered for financing Columbus’s expeditions—and for creating the Spanish Inquisition. J. Bruce Ismay commissioned the unsinkable marvel of the sea, the Titanic—and then jumped the line of women and children to escape death on a lifeboat. Readers will be fascinated well past the final curtain and will empathize with the flawed humanity of these achievers.

I loved How They Croaked. I wasn’t expecting to, because the celebrities were all people I knew about already. However, Bragg’s snarky wit and a few new-to-me facts won me over. So I was looking forward to reading another book by her.

Unfortunately, I found this book negative and depressing. It focused too much on bad decisions and it didn’t mention the good things dead celebrities did. I thought it came across as a little biased and unfair. It still featured Bragg’s sharp words, which were fun, but overall, it wasn’t my favorite.