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Murder, She Wrote: The Maine Mutiny

 The Maine Mutiny
Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain
Signet, 2005
Source: Borrowed
Audience: Adults, Tweens

From Goodreads:
Jessica Fletcher is pitching in to help Cabot Cove's first Lobster Festival by writing an article about the lifestyle of the local lobstermen. But instead of getting the story, she becomes tangled in a net of intrigue and murder. And she better sink her claws into this puzzling case-or she may find herself becoming the next catch of the day.

So I read this book while I was in Maine. It was for old time’s sake - when I was about 11, I ran out of children’s books to read. I needed something more challenging - so I read Murder, She Wrote books.

It was a perfect vacation book. It featured the area I was in and everything I was experiencing. The mystery was decent and there was more action than I expected. It was an average book, but reading it in Maine made it an above-average experience! I’m glad I got a chance to read it.