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Geronimo Stilton: The Mystery in Venice

Geronimo Stilton: The Mystery in Venice
Geronimo Stilton
Scholastic, 2012
Source: Library
Audience: Everyone

From Goodreads:
When my friend Petunia Pretty Paws gave me a crystal figurine of a boat as a gift, I had to accept it. After all, I have the biggest crush on Petunia! But oh, was that crystal boat ugly! So I wasn't too sad when my cousin Trap accidentally broke it, especially when I discovered a piece of paper inside with a mysterious message from someone in Venice, Italy, asking for help! A gentlemouse never ignores a request for assistance. So I, Geronimo Stilton, would do whatever it took to save the day!

This was just as much fun as Ducktales was when I was a kid!

Loved it!

This is my first Geronimo Stilton book and it was fantastic! I understand why kids love them. The puns were fun, and there was so much information in the book. I’m not a nonfiction fan, so these books would have been perfect for me as a child. They’re fun but also explain more about the story - information I would probably not seek out on my own. The plot was well-constructed and every detail was important. Everything came full circle in the end.

I know the word art was probably a way for the series to stand out, but I don’t think it’s necessary. The writing can stand on its own feet. I still think it’s fun, but unnecessary. The layout was similar to a magazine in places, which added to the fun, but wasn’t so much like a magazine that it was distracting. I’m looking forward to reading many more Geronimo Stilton books!