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In Real Life

In Real Life
Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang
First Second, 2014
Source: E-Galley
Audience: All Teens

From Goodreads:
Anda loves Coarsegold Online, the massively-multiplayer role-playing game where she spends most of her free time. It's a place where she can be a leader, a fighter, a hero. It's a place where she can meet people from all over the world, and make friends. 

But things become a lot more complicated when Anda befriends a gold farmer--a poor Chinese kid whose avatar in the game illegally collects valuable objects and then sells them to players from developed countries with money to burn. This behavior is strictly against the rules in Coarsegold, but Anda soon comes to realize that questions of right and wrong are a lot less straightforward when a real person's real livelihood is at stake. 

This book was so relevant, it was amazing. Honestly, it would be a great one for book clubs because there’s a lot to talk about. Some issues that come up are cultural differences, responsible gaming, ethics, and online dangers. I loved how girl-centric it was, but I was bummed that a man wrote it. Obviously, he’s a super cool person to be able to do that and pull it off with flying colors. It just would have been so awesome to see a woman do it, as women are under-represented in both gaming and comic worlds. Overall, very interesting and fun to read!


  1. This graphic novel sounds and looks so amazing! I've heard such great things about it but I still have a few more books to get off my TBR before I get any new books. Damnn that sucks!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  2. I agree that it would be a great book club choice. I can't wait to read it myself - it seems so perfect for the youths of this modern technological world. O_O


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