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Sarah Weeks
Scholastic Press, 2015
Source: Library
Audience: Everyone

From Goodreads:
For a girl like Melody and a dog like Mo, life can be both sticky and sweet.
Melody has lived in Royal, Indiana, for as long as she can remember. It's been just her and her father, and she's been okay with that. But then she overhears him calling someone Honey -- and suddenly it feels like everyone in Royal has a secret. It's up to Melody and her best friend, Nick, to piece together the clues and discover why Honey is being hidden.
Meanwhile, a dog named Mo is new to Royal. He doesn't remember much from when he was a puppy . . . but he keeps having dreams of a girl he is bound to meet someday. This girl, he's sure, will change everything.


Such a cute story! Adorable. I have no idea why, but for some reason, I thought that the animal on the cover was a cat.

It’s not. It’s a dog.

Everything comes together at the end and it’s so happy. This story is just SUNSHINE, like the color of the cover and the song the characters sing in the book. Speaking of the song, the author totally had me fooled as to who the dad was dating. I thought I knew exactly what was up and predicted the ending, and boy was I wrong! It was fantastic because the real ending was so much better.

My favorite thing about this book was that the author didn’t act like kids were stupid. They knew something was going on and decided to find out the details for themselves. Kids really are smart and resourceful, just like the characters in this book, and that’s why I think kids will love to read it.