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Silver Screen Fiend

Silver Screen Fiend
Patton Oswalt
Scribner, 2015
Source: Galley
Audience: Adult

From Goodreads:
New York Times bestselling author, comedian, and actor Patton Oswalt shares his entertaining memoir about coming of age as a performer and writer in the late 90s while obsessively watching classic films at the legendary New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles.

Between 1995 and 1999, Patton Oswalt lived with an unshakeable addiction. It wasn't drugs, alcohol, or sex. It was film. After moving to L.A., Oswalt became a huge film buff, absorbing classics and new releases at least three nights a week at the New Beverly Cinema. Silver screen celluloid became Patton's life schoolbook, informing his notions of acting, writing, comedy, and relationships. Set in the nascent days of the alternative comedy scene, Oswalt's memoir chronicles his journey from fledgling stand-up comedian to self-assured sitcom actor, with the colorful New Beverly collective supporting him all along the way.

Oh, I am so disappointed to report that I did not finish this book. From the title, I expected to read about his life through the perspective of specific movies that he has seen or was watching at the time.

It was more a career memoir that mentions movies as he checked them off of his list. So I didn’t finish it, because it didn’t talk about the movies enough and it talked about himself too much.