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Far Out Fairy Tales: Super Billy Goats Gruff

Super Billy Goats Gruff
Sean Tulien
Stone Arch Books, 2015
Audience: Children
Source: Library

From Goodreads:
Once upon a time, three billy goats named Gruff were traveling to the hillside to snack on some green grass -- when they suddenly find themselves trapped inside a video game! The good news: the three billy goat brothers become SUPER billy goats! One becomes a Warrior, one becomes a Ninja, and one becomes a Wizard. The bad news: the green field of grass is gone -- and in its place is Hillside Castle, a dangerous dungeon filled with creepy-crawlies and fantastical foes! Can the goats make their way through the castle to get their grass -- or will the toothsome troll named Final Boss feast on them for his lunch? 

Kids will absolutely love this book. The classic tale takes an awesome turn in a fantastical retelling. It’s especially good for reluctant readers that appreciate video games. At first, the story appears to be like any other graphic novel - but then, after the goats eat mushrooms, they become superheroes and it looks just like a video game. All of the action will keep kids interested. I loved that it had the original story in the back of the book, along with discussion questions. As an adult, I know I didn’t appreciate it as much as kids will.