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Far Out Fairy Tales: Snow White and the Seven Robots

Snow White and the Seven Robots
Louise Simonson
Stone Arch Books, 2015
Source: Library
Audience: Everyone

From Goodreads:
Far, far away, on a distant planet called Techworld, a little girl named Snow White is born. Created by the planet's smartest minds to be the perfect scientist, Snow immediately shows a knack for working with electronics. The Queen, fearing for her crown, exiles Snow White so she cannot grow up and take the Queen's place as the most intelligent person on the planet. However, Snow White's willingness to help those in need -- especially the downtrodden robots of Techworld -- earns her many friends, and theyare all quite eager to help her cause.

These books are so much fun! Kids will love them. In this story, Snow White’s story becomes intergalactic, and her prince is her friend, first. Fantastic! Also, the queen doesn’t want Snow White’s beauty, she wants her intelligence. How awesome is that? The new story really empowers girl readers. And the apple? Chocolate! Fantastic.