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I Survived: The Nazi Invasion, 1944

The Nazi Invasion, 1944
Lauren Tarshis
Scholastic Inc, 2014
Source: Library
Audience: Children

From Goodreads:
In one of the darkest periods in history, one boy struggles to survive...

In this gripping new addition to the bestselling I SURVIVED series, a young Jewish boy escapes the ghetto and finds a group of resistance fighters in the forests of Poland. Does he have what it takes to survive the Nazis -- and fight back?

I’m so glad there’s a series for kids that makes historical fiction cool. There was so much action in this story! And I learned so much. Even as an adult, when you think you know too much about World War II and the Holocaust, you still can learn from a children’s book. As a matter of fact, children’s historical fiction is my favorite to read. I had no idea that resistance fighters were so numerous or successful. It handled a tough topic well. I loved it, and kids will, too.