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A Year in the Life of a Complete and Total Genius

A Year in the Life of a Complete and Total Genius
Stacey Matson
Sourcebooks, 2015
Source: Library, E-Galley
Audience: Younger Teens

Reading Decathlon: Day 9, Book 7

From Goodreads:
Arthur believes that he is destined to become a famously rich novelist. The first step in his journey to literary greatness will be winning the school writing contest, which will also (hopefully) distract him from the untimely death of his mother. Unfortunately, Arthur can't come up with a good story, unlike his beautiful writing partner Kennedy, who he's sure will ditch her popular boyfriend and fall in love with him sometime soon. Even Robbie Zack, Arthur's nemesis, has an idea! As the competition draws closer, and as his father drifts further and further away, how far with Arthur go to win?

Stacey Matson’s writing format and quirky characters were enjoyable, but the book didn’t end. One of the most important characters was gone for most of the book, Arthur’s feelings weren’t adequately identified, and I didn’t feel that the characters learned their lesson at the end of the book. A Year in the Life of a Complete and Total Genius did address bullying well, and definitely promoted compassion. However, I wish it would have explored the relationship between Arthur and his father more.

Overall, it seems that for every good thing about Matson’s book, there’s a not so good thing. I’m curious to read more from this author... maybe some of my questions will be addressed in future work.