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Delilah Dirk and the King’s Shilling

Delilah Dirk and the King’s Shilling
Tony Cliff
First Second, 2016
Source: E-Galley, Library
Audience: Children, Younger Tweens

From Goodreads:
Delilah Dirk and the Blades of England lands Delilah and Selim right in the middle of yet more crazy adventures. When Delilah is framed as a spy by an English army officer, her passion for revenge threatens to sever her friendship with Selim. Is she willing to lose the companionship of her only good friend in order to reclaim her reputation? Selim finally gets to see the England he has only imagined, but how will he feel when the combined strains of social conventions and Delilah’s thirst for revenge overwhelm his experience? 

I hate to say it, but my review can be summed up in one sentence: I liked the first one better.

Learning about Delilah’s past was interesting, but I wanted to have more swashbuckling adventures and less mystery and propriety. When I read Delilah Dirk, I’m in the mood for sword fights, not Jane Austen. I did like it, and I loved the art, and I’m excited for the next one - but meh!