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A Dying Fall

A Dying Fall
Elly Griffiths
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013
Source: Library
Audience: Adults, Older Teens

From Goodreads:
Forensic archeologist Ruth Galloway investigates her most heart-stopping case to date after an old university friend and fellow archeologist is murdered in an arson attack.

I can’t wait until I’m caught up on the Ruth Galloway series! I enjoy all of the books so much. However, I have definitely noticed that the books follow a pattern, and although some of my favorite series do the same thing, I had higher hopes for Elly Griffiths. Perhaps she will expand her creativity in future books. In A Dying Fall, one nice difference was the modern setting. Usually, Ruth’s salt marsh and job give the books a timeless feel, but the amusement park was a nice touch. Also, Cathbad is becoming my favorite character, I need to know what happens with Ruth and Nelson, and I love Kate’s small interjections - they’re perfect!

One thing that I noticed in A Dying Fall that I didn’t like was that time seemed a bit hard to follow. For example, something would be happening, and then there would be a few blank lines. To me, that indicates that we’re changing time or place. However, that didn’t happen. The story picked up right where it left off, just a few lines down, or maybe from a different perspective. It seemed as though the author couldn’t come up with a transition, so she just put in a few blank lines instead. Speaking of transitions, the ones that she did use weren’t very good and I felt the same way about her changing perspectives... these seemed like techniques for making writing the book easier. In spite of those (small) problems, I still loved the book and can’t wait to read the next one!