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Bandette Volume 2 and Volume 3

Bandette Volume 2 and Volume 3
Paul Tobin, Colleen Coover
Volume 2: Dark Horse Books, 2015
Volume 3: Dark Horse Books, 2016
Audience: All Teens
Source: E-Galley, Library

From Goodreads:
Volume 2
Bandette returns to steal readers' hearts once again! The teenaged master burglar has thrown down the gauntlet with the Great Thieving Race, and friendly rival Monsieur has stepped in to take the challenge. This second charming collection of the Eisner Award-winning series sees the two competing to steal the most priceless artifacts from the criminal organization FINIS and turning over whatever they learn about its plans to the long-suffering Inspector B. D. Belgique. But FINIS's response could make this Bandette's final crime spree! 

Volume 3:
Bandette, greatest thief in all the lands, uncovers the greatest of all mysteries: a clue to the location of the legendary House of the Green Mask! But the sinister Voice has set his sights on the same treasure and sent a deadly assassin after the same secrets! Worse, he’s stolen the one thing dearest to Bandette’s heart. Now, she’s after revenge! (And also chocolate.)

I absolutely LOVE Bandette. She is spunky, charming, hilarious, delightful, intelligent and resourceful. She always gets the better of whoever she wants to. She’s part Batman, part Audrey Hepburn, part Gilmore Girl and it’s perfect. I had never thought about her real identity until someone got to see it, and it made me want to know! I can’t wait to read the next volume.