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Diagnosis Murder: The Death Merchant

Diagnosis Murder: The Death Merchant
Lee Goldberg
Signet, 2004
Source: My Own Bookshelf
Audience: Adults, Older Teens

From Goodreads:
A dream vacation in Hawaii turns into a nightmare for Dr. Mark Sloan and his son, Steve, when a man they've befriended falls victim to a shark attack. But when Mark discovers evidence indicating the victim was murdered prior to becoming shark food, he and Steve comb the beaches to find a different kind of predator...

I miss this show. I really do. I realize that I’m not in the expected demographic for Diagnosis Murder viewers, but they’re always such good mysteries. And who doesn’t love Dick Van Dyke?

This particular mystery takes us to Hawaii, where Dr. Sloan is supposed to be on vacation. But he can’t take a vacation, he continues to work and solve mysteries. I like the new locale and the opportunity for bickering between Steve and Mark. Unlike Mark, Steve wanted to relax on his vacation - not work. The mystery didn’t disappoint and I’m glad I can still experience the series through new (to me) books!