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Diagnosis Murder: The Past Tense

Diagnosis Murder: The Past Tense
Lee Goldberg
Signet Book, 2005
Source: My Own Bookshelf
Audience: Adults

From Goodreads:
Dr. Mark Sloan is startled to discover a dead woman—dressed as a mermaid—washed up on the beach outside his home. Even more bizarre, the autopsy reveals a digital memory card within a capsule inside the body's stomach. The card contains the report of a forty-three-year-old murder in Los Angeles—the first homicide case Mark ever solved, when he was a struggling intern and newlywed father.
When a second body is discovered—a woman who was apparently the victim of an impromptu autopsy in her own kitchen—the good doctor realizes that he must find the connection between the two murders. And perhaps more urgently, the connection to his own past...
I liked the uniqueness of going back in time in The Past Tense. Seeing Mark Sloane’s past and learning about his first mystery was definitely fun. I couldn’t help but wonder how the show writers and creators would react to it. The story was lacking in one area - after the killer is identified, Mark learns something devastating about his past. However, he doesn’t pursue that information to verify it or process it in any way. It was too thin and lack closure. In spite of that, The Past Tense was enjoyable and I’m sad I only have a few more left.