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The Best Bear in All the World

The Best Bear in All the World
By A.A. Milne, Kate Saunders, Brian Sibley, Mark Burgess, Paul Bright, Jeanne Willis Dutton Books for Young Readers, 2016 Source: My Own Bookshelf Audience: Children
From Goodreads: The Trustees of the Pooh Properties have commissioned four authors to write in the timeless style of A.A. Milne to create a quartet of charming new adventures for Winnie-the-Pooh, Christopher Robin, and their friends. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall: take a trip back to the Hundred Acre Wood with a collection of tales sure to delight year-round.

One story finds Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet on a quest to discover the "Sauce of the Nile" (they suspect it's apple). And in another, all the animals rally around poor Eeyore when he thinks he sees another donkey eyeing his clover. Readers of all ages will love rediscovering old friends and making new ones in this essential new volume of Pooh stories.

The book feature beautiful color artwork in the style of Ernest H. Shepa…

Home Sweet Motel

Home Sweet Motel
Chris Grabenstein
Random House Books for Young Readers, 2016
Source: E-Galley/Library
Audience: Children, Younger Teens

From Goodreads:
Eleven-year-old P.T. Wilkie may be the greatest storyteller alive. But he knows one thing for a fact: the Wonderland Motel is the best place a kid could ever live! All-you-can-eat poolside ice cream! A snack machine in the living room! A frog slide! A giant rampaging alligator! (Okay, that last one may or may not be made up.) There’s only one thing the Wonderland doesn’t have, though—customers. And if the Wonderland doesn’t get them soon, P.T. and his friend Gloria may have to say goodbye to their beloved motel forever. 

They need to think BIG. They need to think BOLD. They need an OUTRAGEOUS plan. Luckily for them, Gloria is a business GENIUS, and OUTRAGEOUS is practically P.T.’s middle name. With Gloria’s smarts and P.T.’s world-famous stories and schemes, there’s got to be a way to save the Wonderland! 

Chris Grabenstein’s newest no…

Diagnosis Murder: The Dead Letter

Diagnosis Murder: The Dead Letter
By Lee Goldberg
Signet, 2006
Source: My Own Bookshelf
Audience: Older Teens, Adults

From Goodreads:
A blackmailer, a dead detective, and a mysterious letter that make an unusual request of Dr. Sloan: avenge a murder.

The Dead Letter was slow going. Seriously, it took me forever to read. Normally, I fly through these paperbacks. However, The Dead Letter’s mystery was cumbersome. It had too many characters and too many plot lines. It didn’t capture my interest, but I enjoyed the twist and how Dr. Sloan proved what happened at the end of the book. (I also liked the jab about writing five lame mysteries a year that seemed to be aimed at James Patterson.)