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Afterlife with Archie Vol. 1: Escape from Riverdale

Afterlife with Archie Vol. 1: Escape from Riverdale
Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Francesco Francavilla
Archie Comics, 2014
Source: My Husband’s Bookshelf
Audience: Older Teens, Adults

From Goodreads:
When Jughead's beloved pet Hot Dog is killed in a hit and run, Jughead turns to the only person he knows who can help bring back his canine companion—Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Using dark, forbidden magic, Sabrina is successful and Hot Dog returns to the land of the living. But he's not the same... and soon, the darkness he brings back with him from beyond the grave begins to spread, forcing Archie and the gang to try to escape Riverdale!

When I was younger, the Main Branch of our libraries had a file drawer filled with comics. You could find Disney, Archie, Popeye, and more. It was always fun to look through them, but as I got older, I stopped reading them. I grew to strongly dislike the idea of graphic novels and comics, and seldom read them. However, my husband introduced me to Fables by Bill Willingham and I loved it! I understood that art is just as important as story, and if I hate the images, I’ll never stick with the book.

So now I’m picky about which graphic novels I read (just like I’m picky about which audio books I listen to, but that’s another blog post) whereas I’ll read almost any type of novel. So my husband told me that he was loving Afterlife with Archie and that Sabrina was in it. (I loved the show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch so much that I’m rematching it now.) He also told me that she had her own graphic novel series, which I read and loved (again, another blog post) so much that I decided to read Afterlife with Archie as well. I was glad I was a little bit familiar with the Archie characters from my file-drawer comic past, but I know that I would appreciate the book more had I read the past comics regularly. In spite of that, I enjoyed this volume and am looking forward to the next. Sabrina really made a mess of things, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Archie and his friends get out of it!