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Fitting In

Fitting In
Colin Thompson
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2016
Source: E-Galley, Library
Audience: Adults

From Goodreads:
Take one small boy; add manic depression, three wives, three daughters, two divorces, amazing creative talent, and Asperger's syndrome. In this memoir, Colin Thompson invites you to explore his almost-unbelievable life from past to present, though not necessarily in that order. Filled with family photographs and mesmerising illustrations drawn by the author himself, prepare to step inside the life and mind of an extraordinary man.

Whoops. I thought that Colin Thompson was the guy who wrote Blankets... which was why I was interested in Fitting In.

Turns out Craig Thompson wrote Blankets. Not Colin.

So I was in for a bit of a surprise.

Honestly, I couldn’t finish this book. I was uncomfortable at first, and then when I found out it was a completely different author than I was expecting, I was disappointed. I did keep reading, though. I thought that the illustrations that the author did were so incredibly detailed. It was amazing.

Unfortunately, the details of his sex life were just as detailed. I really didn’t need to know that.

So I stopped reading.

Thompson’s humor is wonderful, but the rest of the content just wasn’t for me. I’m sure other people will appreciate it though.