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Piper Green: Going Places

Going Places
Ellen Potter
Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2017
Source: E-Galley
Audience: Children

From Goodreads:
Move over, Junie B. Jones! Piper Green is back in her fourth chapter-book adventure, and it could take her all the way to China. Suitcase? Check. Passport? Check. Magic X-ray vision glasses from the Fairy Tree? Check, check, check! 
Piper Green s class is taking a school trip to China well, they re taking a pretend trip, on a pretend airplane. And when all the kids in the class announce they ve been on a plane plenty of times, Piper says she has, too. After all, it s just a pretend trip, right? But when Piper gets chosen to be a flight attendant, her little fib suddenly feels like a very big problem. Could the X-ray vision glasses Piper found in the Fairy Tree help her out? 

I absolutely LOVE the Piper Green and the Fairy Tree series. Maine! An island! Hijinks and misunderstandings! I will read every book about silly Piper. It’s amazing how a pretend trip to China can fill up an entire book. (Honestly, it made me want to have a pretend trip on a plane with our after-school kids. It’s a great idea!) Anyway, Piper learned a lot from what happened because of her fib. I’m sure young readers will learn from her mistakes too, and enjoy the story just as much as I did.