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Me and Marvin Gardens

Me and Marvin Gardens
Amy Sarig King
Arthur A. Levine Books, 2017
Source: My Own Bookshelf
Audience: Children, Younger Teens

From Goodreads:
Obe Devlin has problems. His family's farmland has been taken over by developers. His best friend Tommy abandoned him for the development kids. And he keeps getting nosebleeds, because of that thing he doesn't like to talk about. So Obe hangs out at the creek by his house, in the last wild patch left, picking up litter and looking for animal tracks.

One day, he sees a creature that looks kind of like a large dog, or maybe a small boar. And as he watches it, he realizes it eats plastic. Only plastic. Water bottles, shopping bags... No one has ever seen a creature like this before, because there's never been a creature like this before. The animal--Marvin Gardens--soon becomes Obe's best friend and biggest secret. But to keep him safe from the developers and Tommy and his friends, Obe must make a decision that might change everything.

In her most personal novel yet, Printz Honor Award winner Amy Sarig King tells the story of a friendship that could actually save the world.

I love A.S. King’s books so much. They’re always so good. She’s an auto-read, auto-buy author. Unfortunately, I’m behind on her books. Why did I sign up for Masters programs again? If I had known it would mean reading A.S. King way later than what I wanted to, I probably would have skipped school! I could tell that Me and Marvin Gardens was important to her. It was a touching story with a dash of weird (which pretty much describes all of King’s work.) However, it wasn’t my favorite. I think my favorites will always be Please Ignore Vera Dietz or Everybody Sees the Ants

So good.

If you’re behind on your A.S. King too, you better get reading!