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Scarlett Hart: Monster Hunter

Scarlett Hart: Monster Hunter
Marcus Sedgwick
Source: E-Galley, Library
Audience: Older Children, Younger Teens

From Goodreads:
Scarlett Hart, orphaned daughter of two legendary monster hunters, is determined to carry on in her parents’ footsteps—even if the Royal Academy for the Pursuit and Eradication of Zoological Eccentricities says she’s too young to fight perilous horrors. But whether it's creepy mummies or a horrid hound, Scarlett won’t back down, and with the help of her loyal butler and a lot of monster-mashing gadgets, she’s on the case.

With her parent’s archrival, Count Stankovic, ratting her out to T.R.A.P.E.Z.E. and taking all the monster-catching rewards for himself, it’s getting hard for Scarlett to do what she was born to do. And when more monsters start mysteriously manifesting than ever before, Scarlett knows she has to get to the bottom of it and save the city... whatever the danger!

I enjoyed the action in Scarlett Hart: Monster Hunter. At first, the story is confusing because it drops the reader into the middle of the action without explanation. The plot slowly unravels and probably makes reading the book more exciting for teens, but I was just confused. The art was wonderful, but I was disappointed to see that the speech bubbles were so large. At times, the white space was overwhelming and I just wanted to see more of the background scenery. Overall, it was enjoyable.