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Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel

Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel
A.W. Jantha
Freeform, 2018
Source: E-Galley
Audience: All Teens

From Goodreads:
Shortly after moving from California to Salem, Massachusetts, Max Dennison finds himself in hot water when he accidentally releases a coven of witches, the Sanderson sisters, from the afterlife. Max, his sister, and his new friends (human and otherwise) must find a way to stop the witches from carrying out their evil plan and remaining on earth to torment Salem for all eternity.

Twenty-five years later, Max and Allison's seventeen-year-old daughter, Poppy, finds herself face-to-face with the Sanderson sisters in all their sinister glory. When Halloween celebrations don't quite go as planned, it's a race against time as Poppy and her friends fight to save her family and all of Salem from the witches' latest death-defying scheme.

It was fun to read the novelization of one of my favorite movies, Hocus Pocus. I was happy to see that it did include something new and relevant to the sequel. I almost skipped it, but I am glad that I didn't.

The sequel was just as fun and action-packed as the original, and I hope that it does become a movie some day. (A good one, with a theatrical release.) The original characters were back, but didn't totally steal the show from the new heroes. I especially loved that the ending left an opening for another story, which I hope happens, because I can't wait to read it!