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Ghoul Scouts: Night of the Unliving Undead

Ghoul Scouts: Night of the Unliving Undead
Steve Bryant
Action Lab Entertainment, 2016
Source: Library
Audience: Children

From Goodreads:
Something stranger than usual haunts Full Moon Hollow, Paranormal Capital of the World. Adults either can t see it, can t remember it, or go crazy from it. So when a zombie outbreak threatens the town, only a group of misfit scouts can save it! Collects the fan-favorite miniseries. Be prepared. Be very prepared.

Well, Ghoul Scouts was good, but forgettable. I read it less than a week ago and I remember very little about it. I know that I enjoyed the art, and that it was super action-packed. Therefore, I think kids will enjoy it more than I did - especially if they like a little bit of paranormal as well. It's a good choice for children who are looking for something "scary," especially if they are reluctant readers.