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Hosted by:
Michelle from Pink Polka Dot Book Blog
 Emily from Read Your Bookcase

Topic Schedule:
9/12- Blogger Jealousy:  Do you ever get feel jealous of other bloggers and why?
9/19- Bad Boys: When is bad boys in books hot and when is it too much?
9/26- Books that changed your life and why.
10/3- Blogging Pressure: Feeling pressure to post more often or come up with better/more creative content
10/10- The Blogger Wall:  What do you do when you hit a blogging slump?
10/17- Blogging Pet Peeves:  What annoys you most about the blogging world?
10/24- Bookish Habits: When/where do you read, what do you like to eat, drink, listen to, and other OCD bookish habits.
10/31- Books that freaked you out.
11/3- Polarizing Covers: Covers that you were obsessed with and ones you just hated.

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